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Engineered Stone Benchtop

Your Ultimate Guide to Engineered Stone Benchtops in 2024

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation in Melbourne, an engineered stone benchtop is an on-trend and timeless choice in 2024. 

Celebrated as an optimal alternative to natural stone, engineered kitchen stone benchtop, kitchen islands, splashbacks for kitchen and countertops will provide a supremely durable surface that will make a striking statement in your home. 

There are plenty of first-class engineered stone companies in Australia. Each one offers an enormous variety of colours, textures, and sheens to meet your style requirements and budget.



Countertops built to perform

Kitchen stone benchtops attract a high amount of traffic, and wear and tear. Engineered stone has been purposely designed to withstand damage from cooking spills, high heat from pots and pans, moisture penetration and knocks. Your new kitchen will be well equipped to handle the pace with engineered stone. 

Design to your liking

With an abundance of engineered stone options, you can be as specific as you wish when creating your dream kitchen stone benchtop and surfaces. From a veined marble look to speckled sparkle flecks in any colour or tone you can imagine, you will be able to customise your interior easily with consistent engineered stone.

Cheapest Engineered Stone Benchtops than natural stone 

We know that price is always an important consideration when upgrading or building a kitchen in Melbourne. If you want a stunning stone impact without the hefty natural stone price tag, engineered stone is the perfect choice. It is the cheapest engineered stone benchtops in compare to the other natural stones.

Easy to maintain

One of the most alluring aspects of engineered kitchen benchtops stone is their low maintenance benefits. Built with longevity in mind, engineered stone surfaces are extremely hardwearing and will look new for decades. Quick cleanups are adequate, and most engineered stone counters never need to be resealed.


Caesarstone – Synonymous with luxury and style, Caesarstone has been manufacturing quartz surfaces since 1987 and uses cutting-edge technology to present eye-catching kitchen islands, outdoor kitchens, flooring, splashbacks, sinks and more. 

Silestone – Acclaimed for top-quality surfaces made from quartz, minerals and recycled products, Silestone engineered kitchen stone benchtops will enhance any home. 

Quantum Quartz – Famous for crafting premium surfaces from quality quartz with attractive finishes to bring designer edge to interior spaces. 

Essastone – Reputable engineered stone suppliers who inject beauty into their stone slabs for domestic use. 

Smartstone – With sustainability as their overarching mantra, Smartstone produces stunning variations of engineered stone for use in kitchens, bathrooms and feature spaces.  


kitchen benchtop

When you are renovating or building your dream kitchen in Melbourne, the most diligent thing you can do is seek an installation company that knows the material and is certified to install it. 

When it comes to engineered stone products, your preferred stone company will advise which stone products they work with to ensure a seamless installation. 

The main consideration when installing engineered kitchen benchtops stone and other surfaces is the weight and thickness of your chosen slab. This will be crucial as the template is designed and viability is confirmed for surrounding cabinetry, joinery, plumbing and electrical fittings.

How to best protect and maintain your engineered stone benchtops

It is excellent that you plan to commit to the upkeep of your engineered stone benchtop investment. After all, something so beautiful and purposeful should always be maintained for ongoing performance. 

Although engineered stone is designed to resist hard wear and tear, we highly recommend you follow some cautionary practices to retain your kitchen benchtop’s optimal condition.

  1. Use heat protection pads or trivets when placing boiling pots and pans on the surface. It is a good habit to start early on.
  2. Clean up spills soon after they happen using non-abrasive cleaning agents intended for engineered stone, natural bleach, mild alcohol-based degreaser, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Using non-scratch cleaning pads or cloths are the best choice for removing cooking stains.
  4. Avoid using high potency oven cleaners or strong chemicals that include trichloroethane or methylene chloride, as these are far too abrasive for engineered stone.

The mission at Deluxe Stone is to see through a successful installation of your custom engineered stone kitchen island and countertops and equip you with the best long-term maintenance advice. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your project requirements. 

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