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Interior Designers

Transforming Interior Designs with Durable and Attractive Natural Stone

Design versatility, structural rigidity, thermal advantages, and rock-solid reliability are significant advantages of natural stone that render it perfect for internal applications. Conventionally relegated to kitchen and bathroom installations, natural stone has made its way to living rooms, bedrooms, and modular lobbies.

With a penchant for creating the perfect visual experience for our customers, Deluxe Stone offers the widest variety of natural stone design options to interior designers across Melbourne. Moreover, the inherent design elements of stone, created through decades of natural environmental factors, ensure that no two natural stone units resemble one another.

The idea is to showcase the unique features of each natural stone variety and tailor it according to our customer’s specific requirements. Each stone type boasts intrinsic advantages that will fit the bill in terms of functionality and aesthetical finesse.

Interior designing experts can benefit from our wide variety of options to curate customized experiences for residential requirements. From natural stone benchtops, natural stone kitchen slabs, and eye-catching fireplace designs, we have you covered for all your needs.

The longevity of natural stone justifies the slightly higher prices that a few varieties might warrant. Compared to many recent “green” home décor alternatives, the natural stone sits at the top of the environmentally friendly materials list. This, coupled with being sound-proof, energy efficient, and timeless charm, makes natural stone the most viable option for builders and homeowners who want to settle for nothing but the best.