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The edge profile and thickness of your stone benchtop can be used to compliment the particular style or era of design you are trying to achieve.

For example, if you were going for a classic French provincial kitchen, you might choose a ‘Lambs Tongue’ edge for the benchtop to compliment your shaker cabinet doors.

Or you might prefer a more modern, minimalistic style and prefer the light, sleek finish of a 20mm pencil round edge (this is the profile we do most often).

There are many edge and thickness options to choose from, it really comes down to personal preference and the overall design that you are trying to achieve.

Generally, the thicker you go with the benchtop, the more solid / heavy the piece will look and feel.

If you need any help making design decisions, your Benchmark design consultant can help you select an edge and thickness that best suits you.


For benchtops in 40mm thickness (or more), you have two options for the edge join – Mitred or Laminated.

A layered edge join is where the two pieces of stone are stacked on top of one another and joined through the middle of the flat surface edge. This type of join is the safest and strongest structurally but can be more visually noticeable than a mitred join. Depending on the size, layout and overhang area of your benchtop, this may be recommended for extra strength.

A mitred edge join is where the stone pieces are cut on an angle and put together so that they meet and join at the 90° corner. (See illustrations below)A mitred edge join is less noticeable than a laminated edge. It can be a little more prone to chipping but this is not a common problem with careful, regular use. In most cases, a mitred join is an excellent choice.

Tip #1: Mitred joins are only available with a pencil round edge. All other edges in 40mm or thicker must be laminated.

Tip #2: Join lines tend to be less noticeable in lighter stone colours.

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Aris Edge

slab edge icon

Aris Lamination Edge

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Aris Mitre Edge

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Pencil Round Edge

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Bullnose Edge

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Bullnose Lamination Edge

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Sharknose Edge

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Lambs Tongue Edge