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Kitchen Island Benchtop

Why Choose Natural Stone for Kitchen Island Benchtops?

Kitchen Island Benchtop

If blog articles existed centuries ago, you would have likely seen this identical article in any part of the world. Why? Because natural stone slab for kitchen island countertops is a timeless, intelligent decision. With a variety of durable natural stone choices such as marble, granite, travertine, and quartzite, achieving the best stone kitchen surface is guaranteed.

Kitchen islands are a classic way to create a centre point for your home. Kitchen island benches can be built as an informal bench seating space for meals and food preparation and can also be fitted out with a sink, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances to create an integrated functional space. Many modern and classic homes in Melbourne feature kitchen island benches. One of the best ways to upgrade tired-looking countertops or build a designer kitchen is by installing natural stone surfaces.

Whether you are building a new kitchen, replacing benchtops or kitchen surfaces, adding a new custom-made kitchen island bench or simply looking for kitchen inspiration, find out why stone benchtops are best for kitchen islands. 

There are many benefits of choosing natural stone for kitchens. Here are our top 5 reasons to consider natural stone products in Melbourne.

Sustainable Building 

Kitchen stone benchtop

Now more than ever, homeowners are favouring materials that are eco-friendly. Natural stone is quarried with attention to environmental safety and creates a lower carbon footprint than the manufacturing process of other benchtop materials. Moreover, natural stone benchtops can be purposefully recycled in the future as the natural stone properties have many useful functions. Their longevity alone is why natural stone is considered a sustainable option for your space.

Smart Investment

The money you will spend on natural stone kitchen island benchtops, splashbacks, sinks or other features will stand the test of time without needing to be replaced for decades. Visually, natural stone will not date, and as evidenced by property sales in Melbourne, stone kitchen islands continue to be a drawcard for buyers. There is no doubt that natural stone counters will add value to your property and will likely pay back your investment when the time comes to sell. Boost the beauty of your home and boost the property value with one wise building decision; natural stone for kitchen benchtops.

Fabulously Functional

A true gift from nature, natural stones granite, quartzite, marble, travertine and others have inherent durability that provides enormous day to day benefits in domestic kitchens. The reason architects, builders, and interior designers will always favour natural stone slab for kitchens. Found all over the world, majestic stone brings raw practicality into the home. Some of the more highly recommended natural stone types, including granite, are non-porous, scratch-resistant, heat resistant and offer a highly sanitary food preparation surface, ideal for a busy home. 

A Stunning Space To Enjoy

One of the main benefits of natural stone kitchen islands is their aesthetic qualities. From the unique veined patterns of marble to the glistening grandeur of granite and opulent onyx, choosing natural stone for your kitchen delivers daily visual pleasure. Although pricier than engineered stone, real natural stone cannot be mimicked. A kitchen island in natural stone will always be one-of-a-kind, which brings a rare sense of charm. 

Unencumbered Maintenance

You might hear that natural stone requires more regular maintenance than other benchtop materials to keep it lustrous and optimal. The fact is that natural stone kitchen benchtop maintenance is straightforward. Regular wiping of kitchen spills is best done after use. This goes for any kitchen surface. When your stone kitchen island is first installed, it will be sealed, and likely polished for initial use. Each year it is worthwhile monitoring the seal on your stone, and if needed, you can buy specifically designed products that can be applied occasionally to keep your benchtop looking and performing as new. Speak to your stone company in Melbourne to learn about the best products to use on your custom natural stone island bench. 

Buying Natural Stone Benchtops in Melbourne

It is always best to seek an experienced natural stone company in Melbourne to manufacture, customise and install your special stone kitchen island bench. Deluxe Stone has been bringing domestic dreamscapes to life for over a decade. We have a wide variety of natural stone slabs to choose from, with streamlined made-to-measure processes. Our craftsmen have a genuine passion for exceeding customer expectations, so we design natural stone kitchen islands, stone sinks, splashbacks and other feature surfaces that look and feel perfect for your individual needs. Pieces that make a statement and make us proud. 

Get in touch with our experts at Deluxe Stone to fast track your dream kitchen. We offer dedicated showroom tours to allow you to touch and experience the glory of our natural stone products first-hand.

 Kitchen Benchtop

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