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Master Builders Victoria Housing Excellence Awards 2022

For some people, work is just a means to pay the bills, but not for the team at Deluxe Stone. For us, it’s far more than that – it’s a passion, it’s a continual strive for better, it’s a love for the industry and all that we do to contribute to it. That’s why when the opportunity arose to sponsor the 2022 Master Builders Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards, we jumped right at it.


MBV Excellence in Housing Award Event

The Master Builders Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards is an annual event held to recognise and reward those who are making waves in the building industry. This years event was held at the stunning Crown Palladium in Melbourne and hosted by the household name, Shelly Craft. When the opportunity to sponsor this glamorous event presented itself to us, we couldn’t have been more excited. Whilst we have sponsored other events in the past, this one felt like such a great fit, not only because of the industry and nature of the event, but because of the alignment of our values with the purpose behind holding such awards. At Deluxe Stone, we like to consider ourselves innovators, and commending other industry professionals whose ideas push the boundaries of what we know building to be felt like something we wanted to be a part of.

Being young business owners, we are always looking for ways to get more involved in the industry and meet like minded people. We take inspiration from other builders and the generosity of those we’re already connected with in sharing their knowledge has helped us to learn and grow (more than we ever could if we tried to go it alone!) so sponsoring this event was also a way for us to give back to our building community and thank those who have taught us along the way.

By far our favourite segment of the awards was the Mario Biasin Scholarships. Mario Biasin was the joint founder and CEO of Metricon Homes who sadly passed early 2022. Mario was a highly respected and celebrated contributor to the building industry, and two scholarships were awarded in his honour to assist young recipients in growing their career in building and construction. The scholarships were awarded to Kenneth Lim and Artrida Veseli, who are both already achieving great results in their careers and will use this funding to help them reach the next level.

Aside from these scholarships, many awards and nominations were presented – congratulations to names such as Coben Building, Hamlan Homes, Singh Homes, APC Build Pty Ltd, Flux Construction, Lowe Living, Verde Homes Pty Ltd, Arden Homes, Porter Davis, and Metricon. Watching builders such as these has shaped who we are today.

Congratulations to Rebecca Casson and her team on hosting such a spectacular, well-planned event that brings together and commends leaders in the industry.

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