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Staying Ahead of the Game

It’s All About Staying Ahead of the Game

‘Carving’ a niche from stone is what Deluxe Stone has specialised in over the years. The art, craft, and business of stone fabrication and installation aren’t easy. It requires a penchant for intricacy, a desire for impeccable curation, and a commitment to quality that does not waver with time.

Staying at the top of the stone fabrication game is an ongoing process. At the Deluxe Stone fabrication facility, we use the best and most efficient manufacturing equipment while adhering to the highest safety standards for all our staff. These measures ensure that we are able to enhance the design versatility, structural rigidity, thermal advantages, and rock-solid reliability of natural stone that render it perfect for internal applications.

Acing the Game of Stones

Acing the Game of Stones

Designing and installing structural masterpieces from different stone grades has been our forte at Deluxe Stone. Our cutting-edge equipment, latest technology, and impeccable stonemasonry skills have made us the preferred choice for builders looking to make a bold statement through their architecture. Be it any requirement, natural stone breathes life into any design!

With the endeavour to create the perfect visual experience for our customers, Deluxe Stone offers the widest variety of natural stone design options to designers across Melbourne. This also harps on the inherent design elements of stone, created through decades of natural environmental factors that ensure that no two natural stone pieces resemble each other.

Natural stone boasts exclusive features that can be worked upon to serve requirements across home interiors, architectural structures, and residential or commercial buildings. Identifying the uniqueness of each stone type and customising it according to customer requirements makes Deluxe Stone stand out from the crowd. Whatever the application, functionality and aesthetical finesse form the core of our fabrication activities.

A Customer-centric Approach: Always

Over the years, our satisfied customers have immensely benefitted from our wide variety of options in providing customised experiences for a comprehensive range of requirements. We offer a wide variety of material options to choose from, allowing customers to create unique styles that stand out. Designers can select from a range of textures, shades, and finishes to lend finesse to their architectural extravaganza.

The idea is to channel our in-depth knowledge into natural stones to create an everlasting experience. Our vast bouquet of customisation options, immaculate craftsmanship, and long-term service commitments make us the right choice for builders aiming to shape dreams across Melbourne. We work with virtually all varieties of stones, and the idea is to optimise the unique qualities of each, lending a distinctive finesse to the structures.

Deluxe Stone Natural Stone For Builders

Ensuring Long-term Sustainability

The construction industry has witnessed a metamorphosis unlike any other regarding building materials and safety. While many contemporary “sustainable” materials have become the preferred option for builders, we at Deluxe Stone rely on stone as the most iconic building material. Recent advancements in technology and green initiatives have acknowledged stones’ durability, longevity, and environmental feasibility as a building material. For centuries, varied grades and types of stones have etched their place in history as the greenest building material available.

The durable nature of natural stone justifies the slightly higher prices that a few varieties might warrant. Compared to many current “green” home décor alternatives, natural stone sits at the top of the environmentally friendly materials list. This, coupled with being sound-proof, energy efficient, and timeless charm, makes natural stone the most viable option for builders and homeowners who want to settle for nothing but the best.

The combined advantages of sustainable material usage, structural integrity, and immaculate design versatility render natural stone a product that adds maximum value to society. Its time-tested qualities have motivated us to bring about a paradigm shift in the Australian market and keep raising the bar with each offering.

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