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White Marble Benchtop

10 Tips for Choosing White Marble Benchtops

The timeless beauty of marble has been enjoyed in architecture for millennia, especially gleaming white marble. More than ever, marble stone benchtops are the top choice in Melbourne residences, with many style seekers keen on stone sinks in their kitchens as well. From country-of-origin to tone and patterning, finishes and edging, choosing the best white marble benchtop can be tricky. 

Deluxe Stone offers expert advice for customers in Melbourne, Australia, to help achieve their benchtop goals in white marble stone. The below 10 tips are worth noting if you are considering white marble for your kitchen or bathroom upgrade.

Know the authenticity of your white marble slab: Given the investment you will be making, you should know where your marble is from. Although some of the most well-known white marble include Calcatta Marble from Italy, Calacatta Gold Marble, and Carrara White in different tones, there are many varieties. Knowing where your marble slab is from will help you decide whether to move forward with a custom marble benchtop made of that slab.

White Marble Benchtops

Understand the difference between cracks and fissures: To the untrained eye, cracked or damaged marble may be mistaken for fissures and vice versa. Fissures are naturally occurring rifts in the top layer of the marble. These tend to give the material character and uniqueness. Most of the time, fissures are not straight and are extremely faint. Whereas a crack in marble is likely to resemble a chip, your fingernail will likely get caught on the unevenness of the crack. 

Inspect white marble slabs in person before proceeding with your custom benchtop: If possible, it is highly recommended to inspect the options for your white marble benchtop in person. Not only will this give you a chance to truly fall in love and get excited about your new kitchen countertop, but you may decide that you prefer one white marble slab more than another upon viewing them side by side. Each marble slab is unique, and different tones and vein patterning may appeal to you in person rather than as an image on a screen. Another advantage of seeing and feeling the marble varieties of person is the chance to inspect your chosen piece under light to confirm its authenticity and quality.

Give adequate thought and consideration to the fusion of multiple pieces of marble: With many modern kitchens, multiple slabs of marble are used to create the ultimate and final design. This is because sizing and weight need to be taken into account when working with marble. Achieving a stunning look depends on how you place and join the slabs together. Some less experienced designers may overlook how veining will appear when two pieces come together, so you should use expert marble craftsmen in Melbourne and discuss this factor in detail. 

Choose edge profiles that are practical for your environment: To maximise the lifespan and look of your white marble benchtop, it is wise to consider the edge profile options when designing your white marble kitchen counters. Your chosen marble craftsmen will likely shortlist a few edging options to ensure they complement the marble's characteristics and your aesthetic goals. From bullnose to lamb's tongue and many others, the edge you select is important. 

Choosing between white marble and coloured marble: If you are torn between a white marble benchtop and a coloured marble benchtop for your kitchen upgrade, it is worth contemplating the following. White will never go out of fashion and compliment any surrounding tones, textures and décor. Also, it is known that when marble becomes affected by acid stains, white marks appear, which can be problematic for beige or coloured marble surfaces. On white marble, these blemishes will be disguised or less obvious. The remarkable white tones in marble are the whitest natural material we can enjoy, so incorporating it into your interior scheme is a sublime way to celebrate and enjoy nature every day.

Stone Benchtops

Consider the different finishes for white marble stone benchtops: Durability, aesthetics, and maintenance are the key factors when deciding what finish is best for your white marble stone benchtops. With the advancements in technology, there are more options for finishing marble surfaces, from lathered or brushed look to polished or honed. In most cases, when it comes to kitchen countertops in marble, a honed finish is the ideal choice, as this is the most hardwearing and forgiving finish for high-traffic areas.

Adhere to maintenance advice for your white marble benchtop: The fact that marble can be sanded and repolished means that its lifespan is greater than many other surfaces. When choosing a white marble for a new kitchen benchtop design, request a penetrating sealer for long-lasting durability. Your chosen marble supplier in Melbourne should be able to explain what maintenance and products to expect for your benchtops moving forward.

Choose a reputable supplier of white marble: This may sound simple, but for a long-term investment like a custom marble kitchen benchtop, it is very important to work with an experienced company that care about your satisfaction and vision. With many marble suppliers in Melbourne, spend time shortlisting a few companies and visiting their showrooms to get a true feel of their marble capabilities. 

Book a showroom tour in advance for maximum efficiency and enjoyment: If you are keen to explore a range of white marble surfaces for your upcoming project, you should book a showroom tour. If you are open to seeing different colors and types, you can explain this to the supplier, but if you know white marble is what you are looking for and book ahead of time, they will be inclined to gather all the options for you and schedule an ideal time for you to view their range for a worthwhile visit.

Deluxe Stone has a stunning range of white marble stone slabs for interior and exterior projects. Be inspired and excited by their capabilities. If you are planning to buy marble in Melbourne for your kitchen, bathroom or feature wall project, book a showroom tour at Deluxe Stone today.

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